technol vybav 01Material and product handling 

  • The production facilities are adapted for the separate processing of carbon and stainless steels
  • The maximum size of the product to be assembled in the hall (through the door) is limited to 4500x4500 mm and a weight of 12.6t
  • The production halls are equipped with overhead cranes with a capacity of 2x 6.3 t (with the possibility of tandem operation of 12.6 t) and 3x 3.2 t with a lift of 6 m
  • Standard handling equipment is available for handling inside and outside the halls - 2x 3.2t and 1x5t


technol vybav 02 Cutting of material


  • Laser cutting of sheets and profiles (CO2 version), max. sheet size 3 000 x 4 500 mm, max. sheet thickness 20 mm, max. tube diameter 225 mm, max. profile dimensions: square 160 x 160 mm, rectangular 200 x 100 mm, length 6500 mm
  • High-pressure (4150 bar) waterjet cutting with high precision and a maximum mat thickness of 175 mm. Suitable for all materials (metals, non-ferrous and non-ferrous metals, plastics, rubbers, composites, glass, ceramics, stone, graphite, wood, paper, food). No heat-affected area and cutting edge burrs, possibility of cutting multiple sheets in one cut. Table dimension 3 600 mm x 2000 mm
  • Cutting with machine saws, max. material diameter is 270 mm, max. profile dimensions: square 450 x 450 mm, rectangular 620 x 450 mm
  • Manual plasma cutting of conductive materials with a thickness of 3 - 25 mm (used for cutting stainless steel materials)
  • Manual flame cutting of carbon materials up to 60 mm material thickness
  • Material cutting on CNC machine shears, max. sheet thickness for carbon steel 10 mm, for stainless steel 8 mm, max. width of cut material 3000 mm


technol vybav 03 Chip machining

  • Turning: conventional lathes with max. turning length 2 300 mm, max. turning diameter 450 mm, max. workpiece weight 750 kg.
  • Milling: conventional milling machines, max. workpiece 275 x 1000 x 420 mm, max. workpiece weight 250 kg
  • Drilling: normal drilling work, column drills, radial drill with max. tool distance from the drill column 1500 mm
  • max. workpiece length 1800 mm, max. drill hole diameter 315 mm, max. workpiece weight 1800 kg
  • Precision drilling: in tol. 0.05 mm


technol vybav 04 Chipless machining

  • Pressing: CNC bending press for max. material width 4000 mm with max. pressing force 3200 kN/4m, 2500kN/1m
  • Pressing: CNC bending press for max. material width 3000 mm with max. pressing force 1500 kN
  • Bending of pipes and profiles on CNC bending machine with max. pipe diameter 141,3 mm, max. profile size 120x60 mm, min. bending diameter 330 mm
  • Bending: machine benders 2000 mm wide, max. bending thickness 4 mm, 2.5 mm for stainless steel
  • Sheet metal bending of max. width 2000 and thickness 12 mm



technol vybav 05 Welding

  • Welding process according to EN ISO 3834-2:2006
  • Welding of carbon and stainless steel materials
  • TIG welding
  • MIG/MAG welding
  • Welding ROE
  • Flame welding
  • Welding robot NACHI, welding method MIG/MAG, TIG, total length of welding path 12000mm, weldment: max. length 6500 mm / 12000 mm, max. turning diameter 1650 mm, max. weight 1500 kg with weldment rotation and 3200 kg without weldment rotation with max. nozzle reach 2019 mm


technol vybav 06 Surface treatment

  • a wide range of surface finishes according to individual customer requirements and the latest trends

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