The CSP Dish Stirling concentrating solar power plant is designed for high efficiency combined heat and power (as well as CHP and micro CHP units). The unit is capable of generating a total output of 35kW. 10kW of electrical output and 25kW of thermal output.A parabolic concentrator fitted with mirrors reflects direct sunlight (DNI) into its focal point, which houses the Power Conversion Unit (PCU). At the heart of this unit is a thermal Stirling engine that very efficiently converts the concentrated solar radiation into mechanical energy, which is then converted into grid-quality electricity via a generator. This technology allows efficient use of waste heat, which can be used for cooling or desalination in addition to heating.The concentrator is automatically positioned towards the sun during the day and is suited for very challenging desert, semi-desert, steppe and other areas. In addition, it is weatherproof and can withstand wind speeds of up to 130 km/hr, optionally up to 150 km/hr. The control system allows automatic control with remote access and data archiving.

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The key advantage, however, is the ability to control the start-up and shut-down of the plant, regulate the power output and control the plant in a planned and predictive manner, unlike other renewable energy technologies. Dish Stirling's CSP technology enables Demand-Side Management (DSM), Demand Reduction (DR) and of course full remote operational control with instantaneous plant response (DISPATCHABLE GENERATION).

The modular solution allows flexible placement with different numbers of units with total installed capacity according to customer needs. CSP Dish Stirling units can be installed in rugged and sloping terrain that is unsuitable for other technologies. The decentralised solution ensures the applicability of this technology within SMART GRIDS and SMART CITIES, significantly increasing marketability. An ON-GRID version is standard, but can also be prepared for OFF-GRID operation with external storage, which can also be prepared for 24/7 controlled operation.

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